At GYROTONIC® LINY in Huntington we offer expert individualized instruction in the Gyrotonic method - a specialized movement system sought out by celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman so that they might look and perform their best - and known by professional dancers and elite athletes for decades, now accessible to you here on the North Shore.


Whether you seek a "dancer's body" or you are a dancer/athlete looking for complementary training for optimal performance; whether you discovered the Gyrotonic method because you have scoliosis or you have heard it can facilitate back pain relief; or whether you learned from a friend that it's the only work out that has kept them consistent with exercise, the most important thing to understand is that Gyrotonic training is for everybody, a powerful tool that allows you to do whatever it is you do - or want to do - better!  And, here at GYROTONIC® LINY we have structured our offerings to give clients options on how to best incorporate the Gyrotonic Expansion System method into their lives and reap its many unique and powerful benefits.  And as a Master Trainer-directed studio, we offer the highest quality, authentic presentation of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® method with direct lineage to Gyrotonic Founder/Creator Juliu Horvath. 


To provide the greatest flexibility for our clients who come from all over Long Island to work out at our beautiful studio, appointments are available 7 DAYS A WEEK from 6AM-8PM Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM Saturday and 10AM-4PM on Sunday, Independent work out arrangements are also an option for experienced clients. See below for detailed descriptions of our offerings.  To sign up call 631-424-1232 or email  

GYROTONIC® Private Training

with Master Teacher Patricia Stewart

Private Gyrotonic training is recognized world-wide as an unparalleled investment in one's health and well-being.  In private Gyrotonic sessions at GYROTONIC® LINY, you work one-on-one with  Owner / Master Trainer Patricia Stewart who will guide you in exercises on the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower and Handle Unit as well as on the various pieces of Specialized Equipment when indicated.  Patricia will develop an individualized program specific to your body's needs and your fitness/ performance goals.  Instruction includes hands-on cues in addition to verbal explanation and physical demonstration.  Duet and triplet appointments are also available.  

Semi-Private GYROTONIC® Classes at Our Studio


Semi-Private (maximum 3 students) Gyrotonic classes provide a cost-effective way for studio clients to experience the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower and Handle Unit.  In our Semi-Private Group Gyrotonic Classes the instructor leads with verbal cues and physical demonstration.  At GYROTONIC® LINY our Semi-Private Group Gyrotonic Classes are limited to 3 students which allows for greater personalized attention and a more focused environment in which to learn, find motivation and achieve one's goals.  Since Gyrotonic exercise, with all of its applications, is at its core a movement conditioning system and a lifelong practice, Owner / Master Trainer Patricia Stewart has designed a class structure that allows the students to gain a solid foundation in the material.  By following the guidelines and prerequisites, students will maximize the benefit from their time spent in the studio. 


All of our group classes are geared toward healthy curious movers.  In the more advanced classes and workshops you will experience more challenging choreography, your orientation to the Tower and Handle Unit will vary throughout and/or there will be a focus on a certain theme or specific aspects of the exercise system.  And, while we are thrilled to be able to offer a semi-private group movement experience on the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower / Handle Unit, we do suggest that all clients check in with private lessons from time to time.  

Please note:  Regardless of your fitness level and experience with other modalities, when starting up in our Semi-Private Group Gyrotonic classes it is particularly important to take time to learn to safely set yourself up on the equipment and be sure of your settings.  And, if you are a new mover, just getting back into working out or have a chronic physical imbalance / pain or an injury, we do recommend that you take private sessions to begin.  

Open Work Outs


FOR MORE EXPERIENCED CLIENTS ONLY, BY PERMISSION  As our clients grow in their understanding of the methodology we encourage them to work towards a self-practice based on GYROTONIC® LINY programs.  For details regarding the Open Work Out option, please ask in the studio.

If you can make it into the studio once a week for a private session or semi-private group Gyrotonic class, great!!  After an hour of Gyrotonic exercise, clients typically experience reduced tension and find relief from everyday aches and pains.  Many say that a Gyrotonic work out leaves you feeling taller, more in balance and as though you have given your body a massage from the inside out.  Whether you are a new mover or someone who seeks to complement their current work out regimen or sports training, over time you will discover that your body will become more supple and you will develop better movement patterns.  


If time and resources allow, training in the Gyrotonic method at least 2-3 times a week is ideal and can be transformational. Whether you use Gyrotonic exercise as a dynamic cross-training option to give yourself that edge, or whether Gyrotonic exercise becomes your main self-care regimen, with a regular committed practice you will come to have a new command over your body and mind.  And, this often translates into a deeper more satisfying participation in all areas of your life.   


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