GYROTONIC® LINY Owner Patricia Stewart is a GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer and GYROTONER® Master Trainer, as well as a GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer (and as of February 2019 GYROTONIC®  Master Trainer Apprentice)   Periodically, and by request, she offers the range of Level 1 Gyrokinesis Courses - Pre-Training, Foundation, Apprentice Review - as well as the Gyrotonic Pre-Training Course and the Specialized Equipment Gyrotoner Course at the studio.  GYROTONIC® LINY also hosts Guest Master Trainers of Specialized Courses from time to time.  

Become a Gyrotonic Instructor!!

Gyrotonic Pre-Training Courses taught by Master Trainer Patricia Stewart: 



Step 1 to become a Gyrotonic trainer, this is a 30-hour course meant to prepare the student to take the Gyrotonic Level 1 Foundation Course.  This course is the first step in the Gyrotonic Teacher Training Education process but it can also be taken by experienced clients who are seeking an immersive Gyrotonic experience and want to deepen their understanding of the work. It is a great way for clients to gear up for Independent Workouts at the Gyrotonic LINY studio. 

It is expected that students who enroll in the Pre-Training course will have experience with Gyrotonic exercise through regular private sessions (in addition to any group classes a student might take) and be familiar with the Progression 1 material.  If not, then the student will have to begin with 10-20 hours of preliminary one-on-one work to prepare for the Pre-Training Course, which can be done at our studio at an hourly rate. Alternatively and / or for students who do not have access to Gyrotonic exercise where they live, a 3-day introductory course designed to provide an Introduction to the Gyrotonic Level 1, Progression 1 exercises can be taken before the Pre-Training Course. Contact the Gyrotonic LINY studio for more info about this option - or if you would like to do the entire Pre-Training privately according to your own schedule (hourly rate)
Please Note: If a student wants to continue on to the Gyrotonic Foundation Course - after which they will be licensed to teach as an Apprentice - they should plan to do so within 3 months of completing the Gyrotonic Pre-Training Course.  Opportunities to take the Gyrotonic Foundation Course occur regularly in the NYC area.
Call 631-424-1232 or Email for more information and to sign up.  

Course fee is $850 and non-refundable studio fee/deposit is $275 for a total of $1125.

Alternatively, if you are looking to get pre-trained and wish to do so privately - and over 30 hours that are convenient to you - the cost is $1800. Please contact the studio for more information and to arrange your hours.  


February 2020 TBD - at Philosofit

Summer 2020 TBD

In this course, certified Gyrotonic trainers learn to apply Gyrotonic movement principles to exercises on the Gyrotoner.  This course counts as  Gyrotonic Update for Licensing purposes. $800 course fee and $300 studio fee/non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot.  (Total = $1100)


Gyrokinesis Level 1 Apprentice Review Courses:

By request 

Course fee is $350 and non-refundable studio fee/deposit to hold your spot is $200.  If you need an Apprentice Review and the above dates do not work for you please be in touch and we can try to schedule a time that fits with your schedule.

Gyrokinesis Level 1 Update Course:


Course fee is $350 and non-refundable studio fee/deposit to hold your spot is $225. 

Gyrokinesis Level 1 Pre-Training Course:

By request


Purpose: To provide a foundational understanding of the Gyrokinesis level 1 exercises and prepare students physically for the Gyrokinesis Level 1 Foundation Course. During this course students focus on gaining experience, and developing a personal understanding of the exercises on the Gyrokinesis Level 1 Pre-Training Course exercise list.


An experienced Gyrokinesis student, with a basic understanding of the Gyrokinesis, level I class formats. Students should take a minimum of 10 or more Gyrokinesis classes with a certified Gyrokinesis Trainer prior to registering for this course.

Upon successful completion:

Once students have successfully completed the Gyrokinesis Level I Pre-Training Course, they are qualified to proceed to the Gyrokinesis Level 1 Foundation Course.***Please note: This course will run only if there are 2 or more students enrolled.***  Course fee is $550 and $275 studio fee/non-refundable deposit to hold your spot. 

Gyrokinesis Foundation Course

TBD 2020



To provide a more in depth understanding of the exercises in the Gyrokinesis level I 6o minute format class and 90 minute format class, and provide students with the specific skills and techniques to teach these exercise sequences to others. During this course, a Gyrokinesis Master Trainer introduces the principles, and teaching techniques underlying the Gyrokinesis level 1 exercise syllabus.

Prerequisites Successful completion of the Gyrokinesis Level I Pre-Training Course.

Once students successfully complete the Gyrokinesis Level 1 Foundation Course, they are considered a Gyrokinesis Level I Apprentice. At this stage the Gyrokinesis Level I apprenticeship period begins and students are granted a trademark license that allows them to teach Gyrokinesis classes in the role of Apprentice. The apprenticeship license is valid for 1 year.


If there are dates you wish to see any of these courses happen, please be in touch so we can try to schedule something that will work for you!

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