GYROTONIC® Group Class Specials & New Spring Schedule

This Spring make GYROTONIC® LINY in Huntington

part of your Renewal


Spring Renewal Special

3-Pack of GYROTONIC® Group Classes for $65


If you are new to the GYROTONIC® LINY studio and interested in GYROTONIC® Group Classes, we are also offering a


$45 Introductory (1/2 off!) Private One-on-One Session +

the Spring Renewal Special 3-Pack of 

GYROTONIC® Group Classes Package

when they are purchased together (Total = $110)


These Spring Renewal Specials are available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY - for purchase now through April 15, 2019. We do highly recommend the combined package above (which includes the 1/2 off your first Private One-on-One Session) for those new clients who have no prior experience with Gyrotonic Expansion System movement.  Maximum 1 Spring Renewal Special 3-Pack per client.  Both of these special discounted packages have a STRICT EXPIRATION of 4 weeks from date of purchase.

What you need to know:

   -Our Gyrotonic Group Classes are equipment-based - utilizing the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower & Handle Unit - led movement experiences with a maximum of 4 students in a class. 

   -Beginners are welcome but please be aware that the flowing Gyrotonic Group Class format is based on a standardized curriculum geared toward healthy curious movers (class participants must be physically able and willing to move the machines around - don't worry, we will teach you how!) 

   -Learn more about our Group Class Levels here: SEED-level classes are appropriate for those who are new to the Gyrotonic Expansion System method.  We have also added a Sunday "Brand New Beginner" class at 12:30PM which will move at a slower pace to accommodate those who might be hesitant to join an "Open" class right away.

For our current (new!) 

GYROTONIC® Group Class Schedule click HERE 

Email to sign up

And, if you have yet to take advantage of the Gyrotonic LINY 

Welcome Package

3 Private One-on-One GYROTONIC® Training Sessions for $180

we recommend that you do so! 

This discounted introductory private session package is an excellent way to get started with the Gyrotonic Expansion System method.  Even if you do plan to focus on Gyrotonic Group Classes, you can bring what you learn in one-on-one sessions to class for a deeper movement experience when working out in our small group classes.  Private one-on-one Gyrotonic sessions are generally advised if you are a brand new mover, more limited in your movement and/or are looking to re-train to get out of pain.  They are also ideal if you are a movement nerd and / or when have specific performance goals, eg as a dancer or athlete. 


If you are a new client and not sure whether Gyrotonic Group Classes are appropriate for you at this time, or if you simply want to learn more about the Gyrotonic Expansion System method and what it can do for you, you are welcome to call the Gyrotonic LINY studio for a phone consultation or to schedule a

20-minute Complimentary Discovery Session


PS- Don't forget!

Thursday 9:45AM Gyrokinesis classes are

FREE during the month of March 

Join us on 3/29 for this flowing mat-and-stool movement experience!

There's never been a better time to get started with a regular GYROTONIC® exercise program at 


Happy Spring! 

See you in the studio!

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