GYROTONIC® LINY  Welcome Package

All are welcome here at GYROTONIC® LINY and we invite new clients to take advantage of

our discounted welcome package to start your journey to better health and quality of movement:

3 55-minute private sessions for $210 (=$70 per) - one per client, 2 month expiration

 Welcome package sessions are non-transferable, and a strict 24-hour cancellation policy applies.

Please note the expiration date on your purchases.

GYROTONIC® One-on-One Training - Private Session Fee Schedule

with Master Trainer Patricia Stewart

$95 per single 55-minute private session 

$430 for 5 55-min private sessions (=$86 per)

$840 for 10 55-min private sessions (=$84 per)

strict 4 month expiration 

$400 for 5 55-min private sessions (=$80 per)

$780 for 10 55-min private sessions (=$78 per)

strict 6 week expiration


Ask about our further discounted DO THE WORK Monthly 55-Minute Private Session Membership options (6 month commitment, with standing appointment times and within the week rescheduling - when necessary - required) which support a regular weekly practice and provide even greater cost savings!  And we do also offer discounted customized Hybrid DO THE WORK Memberships for those who want to combine Private Personal Training with Semi-Private Group Class attendance each month.      

$130 per single 85-minute private session

$600 for 5 85-min private sessions (=$120 per)

$1150 for 10 85-min private sessions (=$115 per)

 strict 4 month expiration


Please ask about the possibility of scheduling Duet and Triplets - $55 and $50 per person respectively per 55-minute session (ask about discounted packages)

At-home private 55-hour Gyrotonic session within 15 miles - $135


All session credits are non-transferable, and a strict 24-hour cancellation policy applies for all appointments.  Also, please note the expiration date on your purchases. 



75-minute Open Gyrokinesis Class

taught by Master Trainer Patricia Stewart


$25 per class 

or you can use your semi-private group Gyrotonic Class credits

Please be sure to sign up in advance - thank you!


At-home 75-min Gyrokinesis session - $110  


Yoga/dance studios and gyms - please be in touch if you would like to bring Gyrokinesis classes to your venue.


The studio welcomes licensed Gyrotonic instructors with liability insurance as independent contractors / renters at the studio - $30/hour ($275 for 10, $500 for 20, $600 for 30 with 2 month expiration); if this applies to you please ask about the details

Future Group Offerings will include: Special Class Series covering various topics such as Golf Warm Up, Gyrotonic as a Musical Journey, Self-help for Healthy Happy Shoulders and Homework Series.  Plus, Wingmaster Work Out and Circuit Training Classes on the specialized equipment for more advanced students

Gift certificates are available - call or email the studio today!

GYROTONIC® Semi-Private Group Class (max. 4 students) - Fee Schedule


$40 per single 55-minute Semi-Private Group Gyrotonic Class

$150 for 4 55-min Semi-Private Group Gyrotonic Classes (=$37.50 per)

$350 for 10 55-min Semi-Private Group Gyrotonic Classes (=$35 per)

$450 for 15 55-min Semi-Private Group Gyrotonic Classes (=$30 per)

strict 3 month expiration


There are a very limited number of Unlimited Monthly  Do-the-Work Semi-Private Group Memberships available - 6-month commitment required - for clients who have gotten into the rhythm of our class schedule and want to maximize their commitment to their training -$295 a month to be charged on the first of the month, with contract. 


All group class credits are non-transferable, and a strict 24-hour cancellation policy applies for all reservations.  


IMPORTANT:  Please be aware that our group classes are geared toward healthy curious movers.  All group class participants must physically able to set up / get in and out of the machine (which includes moving the bench around) and perform the exercises of the standardized class curriculum without excessive intervention by the instructor so as not to disrupt the overall flow of the class.  We do require that all clients begin with our special private session Welcome Package (above) and depending on your needs and prior movement experience, you may find that you will require more private one-on-one sessions before you are ready to participate in group classes.  Private one-on-one sessions are generally advised when you are a brand new mover - at least to start - and/or dealing with any injury or chronic physical imbalance / pain.  And, all clients of  GYROTONIC® LINY are advised to check with their doctor before participating in our Gyrotonic exercise, Gyrokinesis exercise and other fitness programs.  For more detailed information about group class structure etc, please see What We Offer page.

Open Work Out Fees***

$25 per single 75-minute open work out session 

10 75-min open work out sessions - $225

3 month expiration 

Please note: Open work outs are generally not available during group class times and must be scheduled in advance to guarantee availability and arrange for studio supervision, strict 24-hour cancellation policy applies to these reservations. 


Open Work Out Memberships

Limited availability, please ask - this option requires a 3 month commitment and is available only for clients with at least 1 year of experience with Gyrotonic exercise which must include at least 20 private sessions at the Gyrotonic LINY studio (or, ideally, the completion of the Gyrotonic Pre-Training Course - if this applies to you and you are interested in learning more you may inquire with the front desk.)

***Please be advised that open workout hours and memberships cover use of the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower and Handle Unit ONLY, are an extension of the GYROTONIC® LINY curricular programs and require permission - which is based on the student’s experience with the exercise system and knowledge of how to operate the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower and Handle Unit - as well as a special signed agreement.  This permission is at the sole discretion of the studio owner and typically requires that the client have taken at least 20 private Gyrotonic personal training sessions.  Please let your instructor know if this is something you would like to work towards.

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but YOU must


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