Back-to-Studio Special!

3 Private Sessions for $210!*  Whether you are topping off a current package or rebooting your Gyrotonic program after some time away this summer, be sure to take advantage of this special discounted offer now through Wednesday, September 12! *One per client, 2 month expiration.


GYROTONIC LINY Group Class Schedule

Monday - 10:30am SEED GT

Tuesday - 6:30pm SEED GT, 7:30pm SEED GT

Wednesday - 12:30pm SEED GT, 5:30pm SEED GT

Thursday - 6:30am SEED GT, 8:30am GK

Friday - 12:30pm SEED GT (starts 9/28)

Saturday - 10:00am SEED GT

Sunday - 12:30pm SEED GT

About - How are our group Gyrotonic classes different than private Gyrotonic instruction?  Whereas in private Gyrotonic sessions you receive individualized instruction and your instructor develops a personalized program of exercises specific to your body's needs and your fitness / performance goals – and which may include exercises on the Jumping Stretching Board, Gyrotoner and Leg Extension Unit as well as those from the various therapeutic protocols or from certain specialized applications such as for dancers or golfers etc - our Gyrotonic group classes (GT) are a 55-minute led movement experience on the Pulley Tower and Handle Unit only that flows and follows a standardized format based on the Gyrotonic Expansion System curriculum.  The building blocks – principles and benefits – of the system are there in the class formats we teach, but we do always recommend that you start off with private sessions.  We believe that offering a more cost-effective option is important - and that there is a unique and profound joy that is experienced when moving with others, but even if you do decide to focus on group classes, we do highly recommend that you check in with one-on-one instruction from time to time. And, if you are dealing with an injury or chronic physical imbalance and/or pain, private sessions are advised.  IMPORTANT regarding group Gyrotonic classes: In order to participate in group classes it is required that you will be able to be self-sufficient with the machines – you must be physically capable to move and get in and out of the machines.  In our seed-level classes, time is spent on learning how to set them up and safely move them around and people generally do the hang of it in 5-7 sessions. Also, please note that it is always possible to find a friend or two for duet / triplet sessions (a good option if you don’t want to work out alone but you also don’t want to bother with setting up machines etc)at a time that is convenient for you - or you can even create your own 4-person class!

Gyrokinesis Classes (GK) - At this time, the Gyrokinesis classes on offer workshop the 60-minute format material and are geared toward healthy curious movers. Please sign up for group classes via our MindBody Online scheduler (see button at the top of our web site).

Class schedule is subject to change.  And, we are always looking for input regarding our group class times - we do foresee adding more offerings in the near future. Thanks!! 

For even more information about how classes are run and the various levels, please see And for prices,

GYROTONIC LINY Owner Patricia Stewart travelled to Munstertal Germany this summer to study with Gyrotonic Creator Juliu Horvath – and she is now a certified GYROTONER Master Trainer!! - which means she can conduct teacher training courses on this piece of Gyrotonic Specialized Equipment.  This unique and impressive machine facilitates hip and shoulder articulation in a myriad of different planes and is an especially useful tool for mobilizing the thoracic spine, and for coordinating hip and shoulder movements with the spine. If you are curious about the Gyrotoner, ask to experience exercises on the Gyrotoner during your next private session.  ABOVE are some photos from Patricia’s trip to Gyrotonic International Headquarters – the gorgeous Gyrotonic Munstertal studio space and the 11 Gyrotoners used in the course, plus the talented colleagues she worked alongside during the course - Master Trainer / Owners of Gyrotonic Bilbao (Spain) and Gyrotonic Torino (Italy) and the view of the Black Forest from the studio on a rainy day.













Patricia also recently taught Gyrokinesis class as part of the Gold Coast Dance Retreat put on by Nicole Loizidies, Professional Dancer and Choreographer (formerly of MOMIX) and massage therapist who has started up the Long Island-based live arts company called Moving On.  Be sure to check them out!   

Seeking Volunteers for Marketing Efforts - For those clients who would like to help us educate people as to what we do here at GYROTONIC LINY and introduce them to the studio, if you would be open to being photographed and/or filmed as a moving body/student or perhaps just giving a testimonial - for Instagram, Facebook (and perhaps in the future, for a professional product) – please let us know, as Patricia will be setting up times for this to happen –  you will get your 15 minutes (probably more like 15 seconds) of fame as well as a fun time and some free Gyrotonic instruction out of it!!!  Plus, written testimonials – for the web site or for Facebook, Yelp etc – are greatly appreciated.  And please like/ follow us!

Referral Program During the month of September, GYROTONIC LINY will be offering ½ hour complimentary intro private sessions to people you refer to the studio.  If a referral goes on to buy a session or package with us, you will receive $25 off your next purchase.  As always, we greatly appreciate your help in getting the word out!


Friendly Reminder24-hour Cancellation Policy For all private sessions, group classes, rental reservations and open work outs there is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel at the last minute or are a no show you will be charged.  You can read more about our Studio Policies on our web site.  Thank you for your consideration and understanding. 

Teacher Training Courses - A reminder that there will be a


Gyrokinesis Pre-Training Course


offered over 2 long weekends – October 5-7 and 12-14. 

$550 Tuition + $200 Studio Fee/Non-Refundable Deposit  


A Gyrokinesis Foundation Course taught by Master Trainer Patricia Stewart will follow – exploring dates now.  If you are interested in becoming a Gyrokinesis instructor, let us know!!

And, if you are, or anyone you know might be, interested in taking the first step toward becoming a Gyrotonic trainer, please let us know.  The Gyrotonic Pre-Training Course can be done privately according to your own schedule at an hourly rate or if there is interest from 2 or more people we can schedule a small group 30-hour course for $850 Tuition + $200 Studio Fee/Non-Refundable Deposit per person.  This Gyrotonic Pre-Training Course prepares you for the Gyrotonic Foundation Course which is offered throughout the world – including several times a year out of studios in NYC – and after which you can teach as a licensed Gyrotonic Apprentice.  GYROTONIC LINY welcomes Apprentices and Certified Instructors to rent space to teach out of our beautiful studio in Huntington, NY.


Also, certified instructors, keep on the lookout for master trainers who will be visiting GYROTONIC LINY in 2019 to teach some amazing specialized courses!  We are working on scheduling these now!

Thank you for being part of the growing GYROTONIC LINY community – I appreciate your hard work and love the progress I am seeing!!   


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