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Over the past 6 years I've been plagued with serious low back problems and have had numerous epidural injections.  Generally, I am very active - gym, dancing, yoga, cycling - but it's only been since I found Patricia at GYROTONIC® LINY and started practicing Gyrotonic exercise on a regular basis that I've been able to stay away from the needle! I enjoy my work outs with Patricia and feel so much better after every session. 

   Evelyn S. Marienberg MD

I have taken Gyrotonic lessons at a few different studios

over the years and GYROTONIC® LINY is tops. 

The space is beautiful and inviting; it's light and airy with a European aesthetic and natural West Coast vibe.  Twice a week I get to retreat from my daily life and focus on my Gyrotonic work out with Patricia, who is caring with a remarkable attention to detail, and whose understanding of the Gyrotonic system I believe is far beyond that of any other trainer I have worked with in the past.  Our sessions are fun and varied and, even when they are very challenging, I somehow always feel great, during and after.  In addition to toned muscles and better body awareness and posture, from delving into the principles of the movement system with Patricia, I have developed a deep internal strength and discovered a source of personal power that I never imagined I had in me. 

I highly recommend Patricia and  the GYROTONIC® LINY  studio.

           Judy M, Locust Valley NY        


I traveled from New Jersey to take Patricia's Gyrotonic Pre-Training course at the recommendation of my instructor at home -  and it was rich and pleasurable experience which I recommend to anyone looking to take this course.  Patricia is extremely knowledgeable and experienced with Gyrotonic movement and teaching the work - which makes her the perfect person to guide someone as they start on the path to becoming a teacher of the Gyrotonic method themselves.   Her generosity with information, encouragement and insights into the teacher training process made me feel really happy and grateful to have taken my first educational course with her.  And the GYROTONIC® LINY studio is gorgeous and bright- an awesome environment in which to spend 6 days.  Patricia made sure I felt comfortable the entire time and knew exactly what corrections to give so that I might improve my own movements - not only did she help me hone my performance and understanding of the Foundation exercises by her keen eye and effective instructions, but the information she gave as we moved through the Pre-Training curriculum helped me to deepen my understanding and fall further in love with the movement system as a whole - so that I feel prepared and confident gping on to the next step in my teacher training.  Patricia is an AWESOME person who clearly loves her work. I'm so grateful to have taken her course and hope to study with her again!  HIGHLY recommend! 

Emma Allen, Gyrotonic Instructor at Nagare in Haddonfield, NJ

A Gyrotonic work out is like no other - it is a gift for your body!  I have been a dedicated gym-goer - Pilates and Zumba, have worked with a personal trainer, swimming - for many years and this is something very different, something special, Gyrotonic is movement my body was craving before it even knew what it was.

The GYROTONIC® LINY studio was recommended to me by a friend - it is a welcoming environment and Patricia the owner is a Master Teacher who is passionate about the method - I love it all!!  

 Lin E, Huntington NY

I came across Gyrotonic when searching online for exercise that is good for those who suffer from arthritis. After researching what the method entails and reading about Patricia's background as an instructor I thought I'd give GYROTONIC® LINY a try - despite the studio being quite a distance from where I live.  I am so so happy I did!  Now, 2-3 times a week I travel 35 minutes each way to train with Patricia - the experience is THAT good!  Patricia is a gem - she is an extremely knowledgeable and supportive instructor - with a great teaching style - and it is a joy to spend time in her beautiful studio.  I feel incredibly renewed after every work out - taller, my spine and joints decompressed and my muscles wrung out, stretched from head to toe, more limber, less tense throughout my body and more in balance both physically and mentally -  it's like I've had a really good massage - but in fact, it feels even better than that!! 

Since starting up my exercise program at GYROTONIC® LINY, I move better - with greater ease and suspension in my body - my posture / alignment has improved and I have developed greater core strength / learned how to access my center - all of which takes stress off of my joints.  I have been able to reduce my anti-inflammatory usage and there's the added bonus of muscle definition I haven't seen in years.  I was never a gym person, but this is a work out that keeps me coming back - 

I consider it to be an excellent investment in aging gracefully and

I only wish I found Patricia and GYROTONIC® LINY sooner!

Lisa D, Levittown NY

 The Gyrotonic Method has changed my life!  I first heard about GYROTONIC® LINY from a friend (who raved about it).   I didn’t know much (if anything) about the Gyrotonic Method, so I contacted the owner, Patricia Stewart, for the free "Discovery" intro session.  I have been searching for a form of exercise/movement that will help me build strength, flexibility and agility.  I found exactly what I was looking for at GYROTONIC® LINY - and so much more.  The Huntington studio is beautiful, peaceful and clean.  Patricia is a dedicated, kind, talented and patient teacher - and it is apparent from the minute you meet her that she is truly passionate about what she does!  The Gyrotonic Method (under Patricia’s instruction) has changed not only my body, but my heart, mind and soul as well.  Gone are the days where I dreaded working out – I look forward to every session with Patricia.  Gone also are the aches and pains in my neck, shoulders and back – I have not needed a massage in months!  I am forever thankful that I found GYROTONIC® LINY.  

Tala W., Lloyd Harbor NY



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