As we head into the new year, we want to let you know about a very special Gyrotonic LINY offer - to celebrate all the possibilities of a new decade (and perhaps to uncover what it was like to move a decade - or more - ago)! 


We invite you to



yourself  - or another - a



Available for purchase now through January 15, 2020 only,

Gyrotonic LINY is offering the 


    Immersion Package**


This is an unprecedented limited-time, specially priced Package of 55-minute Private Gyrotonic Sessions to be completed within 4 weeks from date of purchase


Commit to your SHIFT.


Set your intention for the new year - well, decade!!  Allow yourself this time for the focus to be on you and what your body needs and wants.  Uncover more of what is possible through a committed Gyrotonic practice by gifting yourself this extraordinary individualized immersion experience. 


Take this special opportunity to enter 2020 in an optimal state of being - nurture, challenge, inspire and heal yourself by diving deep into the centering well-ness of Gyrotonic movement on the Handle Unit / Pulley Tower - as well as the Specialized Equipment - so that you might take that much more of its benefits and transformation with you - into your regular practice going forward - and as you move through life outside the studio.  Or if you have any specific requests - for example, to play on the Jumping Stretching Board, to get groovy on the Gyrotoner, or to conquer the Archway, these are possibilities too!


$650 for 10 55-minute Private Gyrotonic Sessions to be completed within 4 weeks from date of purchase; this 10-session version of the special "Shift Into 2020" Immersion Package gives you a bit of flexibility in scheduling as you aim for 3x a week - but if you would like go even bigger into the new year and can commit to a solid 3x a week schedule over the 28-day period we are also offering a second "Shift Into 2020" special package option of $770 for 12 55-minute Private Gyrotonic Sessions - that's just $60 per each additional 55-minute private session!!  


**One special "Shift Into 2020" Immersion Package per client.  Quantities limited / subject to scheduling availability.  On sale now through January 15, 2020 only. Private session credits are non-transferable and whether you choose the 10- or 12- session "Shift Into 2020" Immersion Package, you must complete all special package sessions within 28 days from purchase.  All private Gyrotonic sessions that are purchased as part of the Gyrotonic LINY "Shift Into 2020" Immersion package will expire after 28 days from date of purchase, without exception.  The "Shift Into 2020" Immersion Package is designed to support a 2-3x a week practice but the sessions may be scheduled at any point during the 28 day period.  For those with current packages we will happily extend the expiration period of these packages by one month, and those with current monthly memberships can put these on hold while completing the "Shift Into 2020" Immersion Package. Terms & Conditions apply

Dear Gyrotonic LINY Clients, 


Wishing you the most wonderful holiday season  - full of all the joy and miracles of this time of year.  

This "Shift Into 2020" Immersion Package is an invaluable experience - at an incredible value - our gift to you this holiday season!  It is also an excellent way for someone new to the movement system to shift into our unique approach to fitness and well-being - so let any friends or relatives who might be curious about Gyrotonic exercise or our studio know about this special offer!  


We would also like to make it easier for you to give the invaluable gift of Gyrotonic movement to others by offering

10% off all Gift Certificate purchases

now through December 31, 2019


The Gyrotonic LINY studio will be closed on Christmas Day. 

On New Years Day the 9AM Semi-Private Group Class will be cancelled. 

The studio will otherwise be OPEN - the 12PM Semi-Private Group Class will take place, and Private Appointment times are available from 11AM until 5PM. 

An adjusted Semi-Private Group Class Schedule - effective 12/17/19 - has been posted. 

We would like to add an evening Semi-Private Group Class option if there is interest - please let us know any good days / times we might consider in coming up with an evening offering and especially if you might be able to commit to a certain time.


The Teacher Training Schedule for 2020 is in the works - please let us know if there is a Gyrotonic or Gyrokinesis course you would like to take and when and we will try to accommodate you! 

If you have any questions about the teacher training process, please ask.


If you would be open to allowing us to photograph or video you please let us know - in 2020 we plan to get to work on some long overdue media projects to help spread the word about the Gyrotonic LINY studio and what it is we do!! - we understand that you may be uncomfortable with this but know that your participation would be greatly appreciated.  

"Nature gives you the potential, but you must do the work" - Juliu Horvath

For 2020 the DO THE WORK theme at Gyrotonic LINY will continue - while we will always offer "regular" discounted packages and "drop-in" single session rates, we want to remind you of a new choice you all have for how you approach your Gyrotonic practice: the monthly "membership" format - 4x, 8x, 12x a month (with possible bespoke combinations of offerings if appropriate, and discounted add-on options) in support of regular weekly attendance.  For these monthly memberships, you will pay a monthly "membership fee" for the level of attendance you choose - highlights being that the rate per session is lower and you do not have to pay for a large package of sessions or classes upfront, but there is an minimum 4-month commitment required for Private Session memberships and a 6-month commitment for Semi-Private Group Classes (the period is longer for the latter due to the different learning curve of this 4-person "movement experience" and the logistics of scheduling group classes - with one teacher and just 4 towers we are quite limited - it is imperative that we can plan ahead appropriately and in line with demand).  For more details about "membership", ask in the studio. 

This new structure is aimed at providing an experience of the highest quality for all of our clients.  Very basically, results require consistency and commitment.  But, beyond providing "motivation" and cultivating a mindfulness in scheduling which helps one to be accountable in one's fitness goals and self-care habits, the "membership" format has already proven to be a rich source of inspiration, community and elevated learning at Gyrotonic LINY - and especially being an intimate studio that offers highly personalized master trainer-level instruction - we would like to expand in this direction.  All of this said, everyone is welcome at the Gyrotonic LINY studio - we care about and value all of our clients and do completely understand that the monthly membership format will not fit all clients' schedules or desire for flexibility so the options of "regular" discounted packages and a "drop in" single session purchase are not going anywhere!  Any time you can make it into the studio is a great time (and if you are finding it difficult to get in as much as you would like we can always be sure you have some "homework" to do!) and we appreciate the time all of you carve out of busy schedules etc to spend with us here!  In order to be of best service to you all, at this time, Gyrotonic LINY is simply choosing - by the way we frame our offerings and how we present them to the world - to align with what it means to DO THE WORK.  A Gyrotonic movement practice is very powerful, and we are dedicated to sharing this system with you so that you might Move Well - Live Well- Be Well - but for the work to work, there's no getting around the fact that WE must DO THE WORK.


A few friendly reminders:  All appointments must be pre-paid and Gyrotonic LINY has a 24-hour Cancellation Policy.  Also, all packages and class/session credits do expire, and monthly members are required to keep a valid credit card on file.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. You may refer to the Terms & Conditions page for more details and a refresher on other Gyrotonic LINY studio policies.


Finally, be on the look out for a Gyrotonic LINY "Open House" event in the not too distant future!!!!!

Happy Holidays! 

See you in the studio!


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