What is the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® method?  An entirely unique and original approach to fitness and well-being comprised of full-body movements which follow arcing and spiraling paths to create greater connection and harmony within the body, exercise sequences flow in systematic progressions and are performed with focused integration of the breath and an intention towards expansion and completeness. GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® method exercises simultaneously stretch and strengthen the entire body which promotes freedom of movement - and with that, adaptability and resilience. When you train in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® method, you train your body to move in an intelligent, efficient and fully expressed way - the way it is designed to move.  There are two aspects to the work: the GYROTONIC® method - movements done on specialized equipment exclusive to the exercise system - and the GYROKINESIS® method - which is essentially a mat-and-stool work out.

The GYROTONIC® Method at 

Gyrotonic exercise features machines unique to the Gyrotonic Expansion System method and built around the human body to nurture organic movement patterns which have many of the same characteristics as and related benefits of yoga, tai chi, swimming, dance and gymnastics.  These special machines with their weighted pulley systems and rotational components provide resistive and assistive forces to train the body to connect better in all planes of movement and to move more efficiently.  The machines allow one to traction joint space while creating stability in dynamic three-dimensional movements, making it possible to achieve joint articulation without compression so that the body is able to go beyond its current limitations. 


Gyrotonic exercise tones, lengthens and strengthens muscles and connective tissue which helps to create a lean and optimally flexible body.  The movement patterns are developed in such a way that they increase the functional capacity of the spine which results in a balanced support system for the skeleton. The rhythmic nature of the movements and their corresponding breathing patterns massages the organs, oxygenates the blood, stimulates the nervous system, and opens up the energy pathways of the body. 


Gyrotonic exercise also teaches you to safely flex, extend and rotate your trunk which means you become less prone to injury and can find relief from back and joint pain.  Gyrotonic conditioning brings about: a supple responsive core strength and dynamic trunk stability, better body awareness, posture and balance; improved coordination and agility; as well as an increased range of motion informed by a special attention to spinal motions and joint articulation.


Gyrotonic exercise helps to release the fascia and create muscles that have dexterity.  And, since there is no beginning or end within a series of Gyrotonic movements, the points at which most injuries occur during physical activity are virtually eliminated so you can gradually and safely move through your body’s restrictions. As with yawning, Gyrotonic movements open the body, awaken the senses and help you to expand your experience of movement and expression of life.  A regular Gyrotonic practice can take you from where you are to where you want to go! 


The Gyrotonic method, a non-impact, weight-bearing exercise program that promotes functional movement and overall health, is designed to meet the needs of people of all ages and abilities. With programs made up of the most soothing and gentle movements that can be used in physical therapy settings to workouts that can challenge elite athletes and professional dancers, Gyrotonic methodology is truly for every body.  Designed to reestablish the body’s natural way of moving and bring all of the body’s systems into equilibrium, Gyrotonic conditioning will give you what your body needs most. The system addresses all facets of physical and mental fitness and it also can be a basis for exploring your spiritual being.  

A dynamic fun fitness regimen that feels really good and is attractive even to new movers, Gyrotonic exercise is also a great cross-training option and an invaluable tool when one is seeking to increase performance or overcome injury.


With the support of the Gyrotonic machines and certified Master Trainer Patricia Stewart’s expert guidance, you will find joy in exploring your potential as a mover.

ATHLETES: Gyrotonic exercise - with its emphasis on oppositional reach, rotational movements and moving from one's center - is a favorite of golf and tennis players. Strength in flexibility is achieved by a regular Gyrotonic practice and one trains the body's “wave of motion,” which is integral to athletic performance and yet is overlooked by most other exercise systems. And Gyrotonic exercise - by combining joint mobilization, strength training and deep fascial stretching - helps to increase athletic performance, reduce risk of injury and speed recovery.


SENIORS: Seniors are drawn to the Gyrotonic Expansion System method because it meets the mover where they are and movements can be kept small. With machines to support and guide you, Gyrotonic exercise can be a gentle way to stay fit and supple as you age. Typically, clients find that they experience reduced pain in joints and muscles with a regular practice. And, Gyrotonic exercise is weight-bearing which stimulates bone density and can help prevent against osteoporosis.  

DANCERS: Developed by Juliu Horvath who was a professional ballet dancer, the Gyrotonic method has been used by dancers for decades to help with technique and overall conditioning.  It is an excellent tool to develop stability in one's flexibility. Dancers typically enjoy the flowing aspect of the choreography and can find creative inspiration in the work. For many, it is a way to a longer career.  Many dance schools and professional companies around the world now incorporate Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis training into their programs.

The GYROKINESIS® Method at 

Gyrokinesis exercise is Gyrotonic Expansion System creator Juliu Horvath's first love and what he mostly continues to teach himself to this day.  Originally called "Yoga for Dancers", Gyrokinesis movement was the genesis of and reflects the essence of the entire conditioning system.  Gyrokinesis exercise is often taught in a group setting; some of the exercises are performed on low stools while others are done on the floor or standing.  The Gyrokinesis method's unique movement signature is three-dimensional repetitive circling, spiraling and undulating exercises performed in a set rhythm that work the entire body and melt away restrictions.  Postures are smoothly and harmoniously connected through the application of the breath, which make the exercises appear and feel more like a dance than traditional yoga, but nevertheless, it is a method accessible to and enjoyed by all.

In Gyrokinesis exercise, intention, coordination of breath and movement, articulation of the spine and decompression of joints are emphasized.  There is also a focus on simultaneously reaching in opposite directions that encourages an energetic polarity to create internal balance and support for the body, with the added benefit of creating long lean musculature. The continuous flow and push-pull/back-and-forth pulsation in the movements serve to keep connective tissue supple while stimulating and strengthening the cardiovascular and nervous systems and helping  to reorganize the structure to be able to achieve a more centered uprightness. A greater spherical awareness is also a result.  

A Gyrokinesis work out will challenge your core as well as your coordination, but it will also maximize the flow of energy through the body leaving you feeling open, revitalized, grounded and joyful.  ​

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