GYROTONIC® LINY Group Class Schedule

The Semi-Private Group Gyrotonic Classes are limited to 3 students and are all

taught by Gyrotonic LINY Owner/Master Trainer Patricia Stewart 

Monday - 9:00AM

Tuesday - Private appointments only

Wednesday - 9:00AM

Thursday- Private appointments only

Friday - 9:00AM 75-Min Foundation Flow*

Saturday - 10:00AM Beginner 

Sunday - Private appointments only

***GROUP CLASS OFFERINGS ARE ON HOLD until further notice and schedule generally subject to change.

Terms & Conditions apply - see below for Gyrotonic LINY Group Class requirements and guidelines and our What We Offer page for class level descriptions.

* 75-Min Foundation Flow class is for experienced clients only, by permission.  The class flows through the Gyrotonic Level 1 Foundation curriculum without much instruction and is geared to those who have been practicing Gyrotonic movement regularly for at least 6 months.  

At this time there is a wait list for the Mon Wed Fri 9AM semi-private group classes - it is always possible to get 3 friends or family members together to commit to your own group class time.  Or schedule a duet or triplet session at a time that works best for you!


Please note -  The group classes at Gyrotonic LINY are first come first served and reservations are required.   All reservations should be made at least 2 hours before the class time by emailing You will receive an email back confirming your spot in the class.


In order to best serve all clients there is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy for all class reservations at GYROTONIC® LINY.  If you do not cancel within 24 hours prior to the class you have signed up for you will be charged as though you were in attendance. Please see our Terms and Conditions/Studio Policies for further details.

To participate in our Semi-Private Group Gyrotonic Classes you must be physically able and willing to set up and get in and out of the Pulley Tower/Handle Unit successfully without assistance.  Even if you plan to focus on group classes, it required that you take at least 10 private sessions at our studio and get the ok of your instructor before you commence - you are welcome to take advantage of the Gyrotonic LINY discounted private session Welcome Package to get started!  And, we also do recommend that even those who mostly take group classes check in with private sessions from time to time as your practice develops. 


IMPORTANT -Please be aware and understand: 

The Gyrotonic method is an incredible healing tool which is often discovered by patients after physical therapy falls short - for a successful pain-free outcome.  However, if you are acutely injured, recently post-op or if you are a new or infrequent mover and/or you suffer from a chronic physical imbalance or pain, group classes are likely not appropriate for you - at least to begin. 

Gyrotonic exercise is safe and very effective even if you have such physical limitations - the work will strengthen you from the inside out, retrain your body to move better and create greater circulation to promote healing - however, it is important to at least start with one-on-one attention in these cases. 

Whereas classes flow through a standardized set of exercises, private sessions, by design, cater to your specific needs and issues and can be conducted with a more therapeutic approach.  After some time of moving - and learning - at your own pace, you should be able to join group classes if this is your wish and you are comfortable with machine set up etc. 

See our Terms & Conditions for more about group class participation and, if you are not sure which type of training is appropriate for you at this time, we welcome you to be in touch for a phone consultation and/or try one of our 20-minute complimentary Discovery Sessions.  

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