Dear Gyrotonic LINY Clients,


We wanted to share the following big news with you!  As of February 2019, Gyrotonic LINY Owner Patricia Stewart has been accepted into the Gyrotonic Master Trainer Program.



Patricia is one of only 23 trainers world-wide who have been hand-picked by Gyrotonic Creator / Founder Juliu Horvath at this time to be the first cohort to enter the 2-year Gyrotonic Master Trainer apprenticeship program after more than 7 years of it being closed to applicants.

The Gyrotonic Master Trainer apprenticeship consists of "assisting" 3 Gyrotonic Foundation Courses, 1 Supervised Apprentice Hours Course and a Final Certification Course, all taught by a select group of the most senior certifying master trainers. Patricia underwent a similar apprenticeship period in order to become a Gyrokinesis Master Trainer in 2017. 


Recently, we have had both current and potential clients ask about specifics of Gyrotonic LINY Owner Patricia Stewart's Gyrotonic Expansion System training and we want to take this special news announcement as an opportunity to highlight just some of the Specialized Training she has completed over the years:


-All 3 Gyrotonic Therapeutic Application Courses -

Scoliosis, Pelvic Girdle/Lumbar Spine (2x) and Shoulder Girdle (2x) with Physiotherapists Paul Horvath and Uwe Herbstreit;

-Gyrotonic Application for Dancers;

-Gyrotonic Application for Golf; 

-Specialized Equipment - Gyrotoner (3x - including with Juliu Horvath this past summer for her Master Trainer Certification); Archway (3x); Jumping Stretching Board (3x - including with Juliu Horvath); Leg Extension Unit (2x);

-Level 2 training in both Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercise - including having taken both of these advanced courses with Juliu Horvath;

-Gyrokinesis Breathing (4x)


Patricia has been teaching Gyrotonic exercise to people of all ages, abilities and walks of life for over 11 years (after several years of teaching Pilates) and brings an exceptional depth of knowledge and range of experience to you, her clients, here in Huntington.  For the past 8 years, as part of her commitment to furthering her understanding of the movement system and honing her teaching skills so that she may best serve her clients and help them achieve their goals, Patricia has traveled to Gyrotonic Educational Headquarters in Munstertal Germany numerous times to study with Gyrotonic Creator / Founder Juliu Horvath.  


We share this information with you here because we think it is important for you to know that as a Gyrotonic LINY client - whether you are in need of sessions conducted with a more therapeutic approach or you are seeking to improve performance as an athlete or dancer, whether you want the look of long lean muscles or simply choose joyful healthy movement for self-care - you are receiving the highest quality instruction and the most authentic presentation of the Gyrotonic Expansion System method of exercise at our studio. 

We do not anticipate any major disruptions to the 7 day a week Gyrotonic LINY studio schedule related to Patricia's Master Trainer studies until late Fall 2019 and then again in Summer 2020 for brief periods and we will keep you posted about substitute teacher arrangements and/or closures etc as we approach the dates.  As always, if Patricia is away for any period of time at all, we apologize for any inconvenience and will adjust the expiration dates on your packages accordingly.  

Finally, (we did share the following link on the Gyrotonic LINY Facebook page, but in case you don't follow us there... you should!) we wanted to give you a chance to read a pretty darn good, straightforward description of Gyrotonic exercise written by Mike Luque, a Gyrotonic Trainer based on Maui - click here !  And, enjoy. 


Perhaps it will help you better describe your Gyrotonic work outs to your friends and relatives - and in turn, inspire them to come into the Gyrotonic LINY studio to FEEL for themselves what Gyrotonic training is.  (Or you can always tell them that Lady Gaga loves Gyro - and that they will too!)  No matter how you express it, we always greatly appreciate your help in getting the word out about the Gyrotonic LINY studio!  

See you

in the studio!

To celebrate this exciting news


- and, more importantly,

to celebrate all that a committed consistent and focused

Gyrotonic practice brings -

which is why we do what we do here at Gyrotonic LINY!!!


We are offering a special

Maximize Your Movement Potential

21-Day Challenge Package


9 1-hour Private Sessions to be completed over 3 weeks for $540 (=$60 per)*


 This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in how extraordinarily powerful and

deeply nourishing this

movement system is


 You can take advantage of this special offer now through May 15, 2019, which is just before Patricia starts her first "assist" as part of the Gyrotonic Master Trainer program. 


*Non-transferable, non-refundable.  Unused sessions that are part of the special package expire 21 days after package purchase, no exceptions.  The expiration of any current regularly priced packages will be extended by 3 weeks if you take the "Maximize Your Movement Potential" Challenge. 








Move more with us at Gyrotonic LINY! 

To move better. 

To live more.  To live better.

For our part, 


In addition to the "Challenge" we are also adding a special 16 1-hour Private Sessions Package - with strict 4-month expiration- for $1120 ($70 per session) to our menu of prices through the end of the year.


For group class participants, we now have an Unlimited Monthly Group Class Membership option as well as "Move More Save More" Group Class Pricing. See Pricing page for details.**


**Please keep in mind that our Group Classes are geared toward healthy curious movers and require that participants be physically able and willing to set up, move around and get in and out of the Pulley Tower/Handle machines independently - and above all, safely.  If you are acutely injured or coming back from surgery, or if you suffer from a chronic physical imbalance and/ or pain, Gyrotonic exercise is an incredible healing tool - and we can help you - but it is important that you take one-on-one private training sessions.

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